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Teacher/Staff Wishlist

The PTO is sponsoring an optional program to help the teachers and staff at the Hurld acquire items that they want/need in their classrooms. School budgets are tight. Teachers and Staff always spend a significant amount on classroom supplies each year from their own pockets. This list will be updated and published on the website monthly. We have asked each teacher to complete the list monthly and told them to include everything!!! Sometimes we have unused craft kits, books, crayons, box of markers, bookshelves, etc. that would be great for a classroom, but we don't think to ask them if they could use it. If you don’t see your teacher’s name on the list, please feel free to ask your teacher to fill out a Wish List. If you want to participate in this Wish List just purchase something for any teacher or staff member and give it to them. They will be thrilled! Thank you for your anticipated participation in helping the Staff and Teachers at the Hurld.