Enrichment Programs 2012/2013

October 5, 2012
Power of One – Anti-bullying Program                                                     www.sorenbennick.com
Two Assemblies – K-2 & 3-5
The Power of One presented a message that students will remember: that everyone has the Power of One, the power to report and deal with bullying when they see it. The Power of One opened with two actors talking with the audience and working out a definition of bullying that involves hurtful, purposeful, and repeated behavior whereby one person picks on another with the intent of eliminating the second person' sense of community. The program included scenes showing the roles in bullying (bully, target, bystander), types of bullying (physical, cyber, exclusion), types of bystander behavior (watching, cheering, ignoring), and proper actions that should be taken (as noted earlier: report, walk the target away, intervene).  Students and teachers were called upon to help enact these scenes providing a lot of audience participation, which is always a great way of helping the students feel more involved. At the end of the program, the students were asked to recite and agree to the Power of One anti-bullying pledge to help prevent and stop bullying. The students and teachers had wonderful things to say about the program and we hope that you will take the time to talk to your child about the important fact that each student has the ability to make a positive difference when it comes to preventing and dealing with bullying.



November 5, 2012
Native American Perspectives                                                    www.nativeamericanperspectives.com

Program for Each Classroom - Grades K, 2, & 5


Native American Perspectives is an educational program that teaches students about Native American culture and early American history. It includes content about the land, the animals, and the people of North America; our continent, our land, our home. The goal of this wonderful program is to promote an appreciation and a better understanding of America's natural environment, native wildlife, and historic past. To help break down long perpetuated stereotypes there are three major points included in each presentation:

Ø A comparison of the terms "Indians" and "Native Americans", where they came from, how they may be used;

Ø Native peoples did not all live in the same fashion;

Ø Native Americans are still among us to this very day.

Educator "Tipi Dan," dressed in clothing of the western plains of the 1800's, will provide one hour presentations in his "classroom," a 13 ft. tipi, for each class in grades K, 2, & 5. Although tipis are only representative of the people of the plains, they do dominate our image of native peoples. Once inside, however, a much more complex world unfolds.

Using discussion, sign-language, demonstrations, and humor, Tipi Dan will explore the following specific topics with the students based upon their grade level.



November 30, 2012

Journey Back In Time – Pioneer Living                                                              www.jbit.org

Individual Grade Workshops


Journey Back In Time is a traveling hands-on museum that allows students to experience "Pioneer Living." Six different Learning Centers with their historical displays and hands-on stations will turn the gym into a 19th century pioneer settlement. Each assembly starts with an age-appropriate presentation and then the students have the chance to participate in the activities for each learning center, which include:


Gold Rush Learning Center: Learning is fun as kids relive the excitement of the Gold Rush. Kids can go panning for gold (pyrite) and weigh their find on a set of authentic miner's scales. That each child can keep three pieces of their claim is an added bonus! Artifacts on the display tell the story of a great westward movement.


Children's Learning Center: Do you remember sock monkeys and button spinners? We do! This station features over 40 handmade wooden folk toys from craftspeople all across America. Children of all ages will find something to love as they play with pecking chickens, a whimmy-diddle, iron cabin fever puzzles, acrobats, yo-yos, ball and cup toys and lots more! We also have a collection of children's schoolbooks from the 1800s that students can take out and look at. Don't forget to read the rules from 1860! "Do not speak unless spoken to by the teacher. Talking in class = 1 whack with a rod."


Ma's and Pa's Learning Center: After doing the chores at this station, children will think being a pioneer was loads of fun…but also loads of work! Here students can try suddsing up with a lather brush and shaving the way Pa did, pumping water from an old rain barrel, scrubbing clothes on a scrubboard, and wringing them out through a 150-year old washing machine.


Clothing Learning Center:

With general stores few and far between and pennies scarce, the pioneers didn't have many clothes. One source of clothing was sheep's' wool. Valued for its warmth and durability, it was used for everything from wool mittens to wool underwear! At this center, children will learn how wool was carded to brush the fiber straight, then spun or twisted into a piece of yarn. Each child will take their yarn home with them as a souvenir friendship bracelet.


Kitchen Learning Center: From sifters to coffee grinders, cast iron to enamelware, many of the items in an 1800s kitchen resemble those things used at home today. But chances are children today have never experienced grinding wheat into flour and rolling out the bread dough. This station, with its cozy smells and tactile sensations is always a favorite.


Handcrafts Learning Center:  From sifters to coffee grinders, cast iron to enamelware, many of the items in an 1800s kitchen resemble those things used at home today. But chances are children today have never experienced grinding wheat into flour and rolling out the bread dough. This station, with its cozy smells and tactile sensations is always a favorite.



December 14, 2012                                                

Amazing Hero Art – Be Somebody                                               www.amazingheroart.com

All-school Assembly


17 years ago, artist Rob Surette set out to create the most INSPIRATIONAL show a child could see.  His “Be Somebody” show is his result and reaches kids' hearts and minds like no other performance. Now here's the magical part of this program, Rob SPEED-PAINTS various heroes from humanity as a launching platform to teach kids how they can be GREAT, too. Rob creates numerous other pieces during the show, (with markers, pencils, and video programs) and speaks in a powerful, yet caring way to the audience in between segments. The Hurld and many other Woburn schools have had this incredible program over the years and it is far and away one of the best enrichment program that exists. Please take a look at the website and you will be amazed!!



January 2013

Top Secret Math Workshops

Grades 3-5 individual grade workshops                                                               www.topsecretscience.com


Teachers from each grade-level have submitted the math topics they want covered during the 1 1/2 hour workshops for each grade. The presenter will select  four to five topic-related fun and hands-on games and learning activities that will get kids excited about math. Each activity exceeds state and national standards and incorporates the latest curriculum materials and educational techniques to make each program rewarding and will get the kids to think differently about math.


Just a few of the possible activities include Magic Math Boxes; Math is Great; The Name is?; World of Colors, Animals, & States; All Tied Up; The Secret Word; Who Wants to be a Millionaire; Double Stacking; In Moms Wallet; Four Square; Magic 3-D Cubes; Mixed Up Rings; and  Mystery Arcs. These activities are all make and take home projects.



January 2013

Historical Perspectives for Children:  Ben Franklin                     www.historicalperspectives.net

All-school Assembly


Historical Perspectives for Children presents strong, character role models to students in grades K-8 by portraying the lives of famous women and men in history whose stories tie into the social studies, science and language arts curricula. Each character's life is dramatically reenacted from childhood through adulthood, allowing children to see the process they went through to achieve their goals. These multimedia portrayals are accented with slides, sound effects, taped voice-over, and costume changes to truly bring each character to life. This year, the PTO will host Historical Perspectives' program about Ben Franklin.


February 2013

Creative Enrichment Educational Services - Magic of Maps

Grade-level Workshops - Grades 3rd & 4th


In this annual program, third and fourth graders will participate in a MAGIC OF MAPS workshop designed to excite the children about maps and motivate them to use maps as tools to visually strengthen many curriculum areas. The workshops address key questions such as:


Ø What is a map? How do you read a map?

Ø How and why are maps used?

Ø How are latitude and longitude used?

Ø What are the parts of a map?

Ø What borders the United States?


The assembly will be followed up by classroom Cartography (map making) sessions. These sessions will give students an opportunity to explore an area by making maps with a sense of purpose, observation, and measurement. The third graders will rediscover Woburn as explorers and fourth graders will use latitude/longitude lines to investigate the boundaries and significant locations in the United States. It will be a challenging and intriguing lesson for our students, one they will enjoy tremendously!



April 5, 2013

Energy Pursuit - Game Show                                                                                        www.nstar.com

Individual Grade Programs - Grades 3-5  

NSTAR and Radio Disney collaborated to create a 50-minute exciting, high energy, educational, and interactive game show for upper elementary grades called Energy Pursuit. In this live game show, each grade-level from 3-5 had their own program where students stood at “Jeopardy”-like podiums answering questions to help educate them all on the importance of energy efficiency, the environment, and safety. In addition to the enthusiastic audience participation, watching the students pounce on the buzzer in excitement to answer a question was a site to see! There was a lot of friendly competition that also helped teach students that even though they may try their very best, they can't always be the one who will be the top prize-winner. Nonetheless, though, they are winners just by giving it their all!


Grades K-2 joined in as a part of the audience to learn a few things about energy themselves while experiencing a fun, buzzer- & bell-filled, live game show! There was lots of excitement to go around!


                                                                                                                                                *Free program



April 26, 2013

Energyville - Game Show                                                                         www.nstar.com

Individual Class Programs - Grades K-3                                                                             


This fun and interactive game teaches students about energy conservation and different ways to save energy. The game lasts up to 25 to 30 minutes. The group of students is divided into two groups, and energy related questions are asked along the way as the students pass through Energyville. At the end of the game prizes will be given out to each student.

                                                                                                                                                *Free program



May 24, 2013

Wally the Green Monster Reading Program                                              www.redsox.com

Grades K-3 Assembly


This interactive high energy assembly is the perfect way to focus on the importance of reading for elementary aged children and to kick off our summer reading program. Wally and his Fenway Emcee will bring the magic of Fenway Park and the Red Sox to our school! Wally will act out one of his signature books and each student will receive a Wally bookmark, prizes will be given out, and the school will receive a set of the five Wally books! We may even get some photos with Wally! It should be a fun experience for the kids!