Past Events 
October 18, 2013
CurricuLaughs – Poetry Can Be Fun
Four Assemblies: Grades K-1; 2, 3, 4-5 plus workshop for 4th grade
CurricuLaughs is a VERY FULL DAY of different curriculum-tied programs for different grade groups. CurricuLaughs is comprised of a combination of assemblies and smaller-group workshop(s) to help students have a blast as some of the more difficult language arts concepts finally sink in. Jeff’s time is geared toward helping the kids, from 1 ½ hours of equipment set-up before they get there, to having lunch with selected students for more Q&A time. Here are some of the sessions:
Poetry Can Be Fun
45 minutes; Grades K–1
Gets kids off on the right foot, laughing and excited about participating with poetry. Session is filled with humor, including fractured nursery rhymes with chanting and musical participation. Hear some of the hilarious poems set to music, like "I’m Not Afraid of the Dark" and "Take Me Out of the Ball Game". Plenty of interactivity including juggling poems and "Let’s Create a ‘Friend Diamante’". This program is filled with laughter and excitement with plenty of physical humor!
Poetry Can Be Fun for You
45+ minutes; Grade 2
Though this session ALSO gets kids off on the right foot, seeing them laughing and excited about participating with poetry, it is an expanded version of the K-1 session that adds poetry comprehension questions, story ordering, and a wild song about adjectives. Session is filled with humor, including some of the hilarious poems set to music. The students will analyze what in one song tells us was the cause for my getting kicked by a pair of empty basketball sneakers, after laughing hysterically at the song’s enacted antics. After learning "the adjective test," they participate in "That’s an Adjective," a song in which they act out the adjectives, with the help of one of the classroom teachers.
Poetry and Language Arts through Humor
60+ minutes; Grade 3

This interactive session presents a light-hearted look at some second and third grade language arts topics. Jeff touches on poetry comprehension, and hits parts of speech via song. He introduces the Adjective Test and how helpful it can be, along with the Adverb Test. Let’s create!. This program includes musical participation.

Learning Language Arts through Humor
60+ minutes; Grades 4–5

This interactive presentation shares alternative approaches to reading and writing poetry while offering a new twist on the comprehension of literary tools such as similes & metaphors. The presentation includes musical interludes. Segments include: Learning to create poetry is like learning to juggle. How to get ideas for writing. Writing for Humor. Writing Backwards (and how that can help ALL writing). Let’s create.


Workshop for grade 4
Advancing with Similes and Metaphors
We do more "in-depth" work with similes and metaphors, using poems written ABOUT them. I share a "metaphor" song (with a metaphor about metaphors), an unpublished poem about similes and an unpublished poem about metaphors and the students answer questions about each of them. They finish by playing a "find the similes and metaphors" game and that’s where it all comes together and the previously unlit light bulbs start illuminating. Interwoven with this is Empowering Alliteration. We define/review alliteration and the students have fun finding examples in one of my poems, but get tripped up by a decoy and then figure out the reason. We discuss why alliteration is used. Then, the students work together as they construct what always turns out to be a very silly alliterative "story". Their involvement in this exercise can be a new seed and direction for the more accomplished, but also a springboard for reluctant writers, as they see that they really CAN do this!




October 25, 2013

Woburn Fire Department Fire Safety House

Training Session for Each Classroom: Grades K-1                             *Free program 



November 4, 2013
Native American Perspectives                                                                          
Program for Each Classroom - Grades K, 2, & 5

Native American Perspectives is an educational program that teaches students about Native American culture and early American history. It includes content about the land, the animals, and the people of North America; our continent, our land, our home. The goal of this wonderful program is to promote an appreciation and a better understanding of America's natural environment, native wildlife, and historic past. To help break down long perpetuated stereotypes there are three major points included in each presentation:
  • A comparison of the terms "Indians" and "Native Americans", where they came from, how they may be used;
  • Native peoples did not all live in the same fashion;
  • Native Americans are still among us to this very day.
Educator "Tipi Dan," dressed in clothing of the western plains of the 1800's, will provide one hour presentations in his "classroom," a 13 ft. tipi, for each class in grades K, 2, & 5. Although tipis are only representative of the people of the plains, they do dominate our image of native peoples. Once inside, however, a much more complex world unfolds.

Using discussion, sign-language, demonstrations, and humor, Tipi Dan will explore the following specific topics with the students based upon their grade level.







December 11, 2013

CBS Meteorologist Kevin Gutner

All-school Assembly                                                                           *Free program




December 13, 2013

Change is Simple – Environmental Science Programs (Day #1)

Workshops Grades 3, 4 & 5                                                           *Free program