Enrichment Programs 2010/2011

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2010 - 2011




October 8th

TIGER - Theater Integrating Guidance, Education, and Responsibility

"A Bully Isn't your Friend...Yet"



The all-school assembly production covers bullying situations in all aspects of the school setting such as, the lunch room, the bus, playground, verbal bullying, and cyber bullying as well. It is designed to help children deal with these difficult social issues through music, theater, puppets, dance and lots of positive, affirming messages. The shows are based on children's writings of situations they have actually faced in school and talks about the bully and the victim in many different situations. The student workshops that will follow the Bully production are interactive with about 25 students in a classroom setting which reinforces the content of the show.


All-school Assembly

Individual workshops for each grade 3-5 classes



October 29th

Robert Rivest Mime 

Literacy Programs: A to Z Literacy and Literacy Alive



A to Z Literacy: An amazing synthesis of movement, imagination, and laughter. With a different mime story for each letter of the alphabet, Robert Rivest highlights the joy of reading and the magical world of books. From Apple to Zoo, each member of the audience is learning, laughing, and fully engaged. Robert Rivest's quick moving mime stories explore a wide variety of interesting characters, humorous themes, and intriguing settings. Audience participation stories include: Imagination Station, Library Maze, Follow the Leader, & My Favorite Book.                      

Grades K-2  


Literacy Alive:  A quick moving fun-filled enrichment program that gets older kids excited about reading. Robert Rivest comically illustrates the joys of reading everyday. His humorous celebration of literacy has been a huge hit with upper elementary, middle school and family audiences. Robert Rivest? mastery of mime, theater and improvisation quickly engages children, teens, and adults, and keeps them actively engaged throughout the entire program. Robert Rivest inspires even the most reluctant readers with his insightful, well crafted presentation of aspects of literature we often take for granted. 


Grades 3-5




November 19th

WingMasters - Native American Artifacts and Birds of Prey



Native Americans revered birds of prey for their majestic appearance as well as for their hunting prowess. To invoke the spirit of these powerful predators, Native peoples followed the ancient tradition of wearing or carrying bird of prey feathers. They also admired the subtle beauty of raptor feathers, from the black-and-white tail feathers of juvenile golden eagles to the wing feathers of hawks and falcons, patterned with arrowhead-shaped markings. The strong connection between raptors and Native Americans suggested this program. It combines four live birds of prey with authentic artifacts, many of museum quality, and both explains and shows how different Native American cultures transformed natural materials into objects of beauty and drama. Crafts displayed at this program range from shields and headdresses to clothing and jewelry. Beadwork, quillwork, and basketry are showcased as well.


Two Programs: Grades K-2 & 3-5



December 14th

Field Trip to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


The PTO helped subsidize a substantial amount for the all-school field trip to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever theater program.


All-school field trip



January 14th

The NED Show



(No Fee for this program)


The Enrichment Committee was happy to host The NED Show in January. It was truly a terrific and inspiring program with the goal of helping our Hurld students enhance their academic performance as well as improve their overall behavior. The assembly combined a great message using yo-yos, humor, and audience participation to teach students how to develop three valuable characteristics involved in becoming champions at school and in life...

                    Never Give Up   Encourage Others      Do Your Best
   Never Give Up (focus and persistence)
   Encourage Others (kindness and shared learning)
   Do Your Best (diligence and excellence)


The producers of The NED Show partner with schools by offering the program free if the school agrees to sell The NED Show's promotional yo-yos for one week after the program. The kids really enjoyed the program and the PTO also liked hosting it because it made the connection that the yo-yo isn't easy to master and kids will have to try hard, do their best, and be diligent about it if they want to be good. One could also make the analogy that life is like a yo-yo and knowing how handle the ups and downs life presents us will help improve the chances of success. You can't go wrong with that type of message! Thanks to all the parents who allowed kids to buy the yo-yos; we hope they are still having fun with them!


All-school Assembly

2010 - 2011 PTO Enrichment Programs



February 11th

N.E. Percussion Ensemble - Language of the Ancients



Funded in part by a Woburn Cultural Council Grant


Our audience travels a journey through time, a journey which conjures the image of early mankind using stones, sticks, rattles and skin-covered hollow logs to accompany singing and body movement. A leap in time occurs when we use sound instruments of today plastic tubes of different lengths, trash bags snapped in the air, newspapers torn in time to foot stomping accompaniment. We move from the familiar to the unfamiliar with imagination, creativity and inventiveness throughout this exploration of a truly ancient language. African dance rhythms, a crackin' Brazilian samba, jazz, rock new sights, new sounds some loud and spirit shaking, some soft and haunting are all experienced in this journey.


All of our unique programs go far beyond a simple display of the percussion family of instruments. We draw parallels which relate music to language, history, math and science. Imaginations are tweaked and knowledge and understanding are broadened in a manner which is frequently infused with humor - definitely entertaining and educationally valid. Fun and learning go hand-in-hand. Our programs bridge all age groups and cultural backgrounds and are appropriate for any time during the year.


All-school Assembly



February 15th & 16th

Creative Enrichment Educational Services - Magic of Maps


Third and fourth graders once again participated in a MAGIC OF MAPS Assembly program designed to excite the children about maps and motivate them to use maps as tools to visually strengthen many curriculum areas. The assembly addressed key questions such as:


- What is a map? How do you read a map?

- How and why are maps used?

- How are latitude and longitude used?

- What are the parts of a map?

- What borders the United States?


The assembly was followed up by classroom Cartography (map making) sessions. These sessions gave students an opportunity to explore an area by making maps with a sense of purpose, observation, and measurement. The third graders rediscovered Woburn as explorers. The fourth graders used latitude/longitude lines to investigate the boundaries and significant locations in the United States. Every child can be proud of what he/she accomplished during this challenging and intriguing lesson.


Workshops - Grades 3rd & 4th



March 11th

Historical Perspectives: Laura Ingalls-Wilder Writer of the Frontier Storytelling



Completely funded by a Woburn Cultural Council Grant


Laura Ingalls Wilder is our writer role model whose words bring to life the pioneer times during which she grew up. Children will learn about her encounters with neighboring Indians, her first experiences in school, the brutal winters which almost broke her family, and the joy Laura found in the simple things in life: "love and duty, work and rest, and living close to nature." Additionally, children saw the development of a writer beginning with simple storytelling, to Laura creating pictures for her blind sister, Mary, to the development of her "Little House" books at the encouragement of her daughter, Rose. Laura introduced simple writing terms and techniques which are grade-level appropriate and reinforce the way writing is taught in schools, leaving children with the challenge to write their own special stories.


All-school Assembly



April 8th

NSTAR Electric -  The Magic of Saving Power

(No Fee for this program)


"The Magic of Saving Power" is a spellbinding showcase on the benefits of conserving energy hosted by Joules, the official NSTAR Energy Wizard. Joules dazzled students with fun facts and taught them magic tricks to use at home to conserve energy.


Three Shows -  Grades K-3



May 20th

School Talks Organized by Research Meteorologists (STORM)

Local atmospheric scientists visit classrooms


(No fee for this program)


The American Meteorological Society (AMS), the premier international scientific and professional society serving the atmospheric and related sciences, is headquartered in Boston. The staff of the AMS includes several advanced degreed atmospheric scientists who visit classrooms to talk about weather and climate.

This was a great opportunity for our students to interact with a scientist who studies the very phenomena they experience every day, from rainbows to winter storms. The AMS scientists discussed weather and climate at a level appropriate for each grade level and to answer questions students may have. This is a great supplement to the weather unit in any science curriculum.

There is no charge for STORM Team visits they do this as volunteers to share their excitement about science with young people and as a service to the Boston community


Individual Programs for Grades K-5




May 27th

The Discovery Museums' Traveling Science Workshops



Dynamic educators excite curiosity and a passion for science with fun, hands-on discovery. It's convenient, affordable, and rich with curriculum connections supporting the Massachusetts Frameworks.

The Discovery Museums' Traveling Science Workshops offer:

- Highly qualified, dynamic science educators

- Fun, hands-on, minds-on programming that engages all ages, abilities and learning styles

- Active learning experiences that strengthen problem solving skills, reinforce the scientific method, and encourage a life-long passion for science inquiry

- Novel, memorable learning moments that teachers and students build upon

- Connections to real-world applications


Workshop Selections:


Kindergarten & 2nd Grade

Workshop: Magnets

Description: What are magnets used for? What does the force around a magnet look like? Are size and strength of a magnet proportional? Explore the many sides of magnets. Students take home magnets and a magnetic field viewing chamber.


4th Grade

Workshop: Rocks & Minerals

Description: What is the difference between a rock and a mineral? How do rocks and minerals form? Handle several large specimens representing the three basic rock types. Grow your own crystals and make a sedimentation chamber.




ñJune 15th

Totally Courageous Basketball Exhibition



The Totally Courageous Basketball Exhibition included the perfect mix of character building education, entertaining basketball stunts, and student interaction and participation. With an exciting display of ball handling, wizardry, and fun, students and teachers were amazed by the basketball magic of  the eloquent, entertaining communicator and athlete Steve Granata. Basketballs were spinning on pens, giant pencils, umbrellas, cups, feet, action figures, and even some students! Using his wonderful athletic abilities and ball handling skills, Steve communicated a powerful message of excellence to the students, inspiring them to be courageous and live out their dreams. The importance of having a good work ethic, respect for others, education, and making the right choices in life were key points reinforced throughout the program. Selected students did a wonderful job helping to spin some basketballs and others learned some cool basketball moves; all being cheered on by the other students. It was an entertaining, fast-paced program that motivated and inspired students to be winners and champions in the most important place of all: life! We hope that students will embrace and implement the wonderful advice to help them set and achieve their goals throughout their lives.


Two Assemblies: Grades K-2 & 3-5